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Here to listen, to support and to help

Workshops & Trainings

Kerrie Gaelen offers individual, couples and family counselling
I have learned, laughed and cried with a wonderful group of people and felt a depth of compassion and support which will nourish my spirit for ever.

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Kerrie Gaelen
Counselling for individuals & couples

Level 4 Member of the Australian Counselling Association

Phone: 0481 098 698


Skype: kerriegaelen.counselling

Whatsapp: +61 481 098 698

Important note:

I have recently moved back from the UK to Australia to live permanently. Current and former UK clients wanting to phone me should use Whatsapp only to avoid international call charges.

For Professionals

autism workshop
Understanding Autism

Date: TBA

Venue: TBA

Autism: what is it? What does it mean to be 'on the Spectrum?' How do I support someone who identifies as ASD and their family members?

Communication and how it shapes our understanding of the world is central to our work with clients and their families. People with ASD tend to function differently to neurotypicals (people who don't have ASD) in terms of social interactions, communication and the way they perceive and shape their world. This workshop is specifically aimed at increasing counsellors' understanding of this complex spectrum and to encourage participants to explore how to work effectively with someone who identifies as Autistic or Aspergers.

The workshop will be a combination of presented material, experiential work and discussion, including the opportunity to discuss clients in a non-identifying and confidential manner, time permitting.

For professionals, parents, groups & organisations

I have extensive experience of developing training for various and vastly different groups of people from short developmental trainings, bespoke daily workshops through to a 60 hour training delivered over a six week period. My trainings have been described as inspiring and life changing. Please contact me me to discuss how I might help or to discuss ideas for a bespoke training or a talk to interested groups.

I have extensive experience, both personal and professional, with autism as well as working with families and parenting. I am happy to give a talk, run a workshop or lead a discussion forum on any aspect of autism or parenting. This might be dealing with the challenges of being a parent; addressing problem behaviour and children with a diagnosis of autism; work-life balance, and more. I have many years of experience working with parents and children and autism plus extensive training in a world-recognised and highly regarded parenting programme.

I offer bespoke workshops for staff groups working in a professional capacity with parents, children or families with specific targets and outcomes, or for parent groups with children of any age. Ring me for an informal chat around your organisational needs.

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